Survey On Secured Health Care Data Sharing On Cloud Using Revocable Attribute Based Encryption Schemes

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Somireddy Pavani, et. al.


The applications on generating, collecting and processing of a vast amount of sensitive or personal information have made easier by the latest advancements in the information technologies. In recent period, a problem arises in privacy module and storage module over the health care systems in storing and retrieving the large amount of data bases regarding to the medical history of every patient over a public cloud environment day by day. An additional security and privacy protection concern solutions are introduced by the cloud computing environment when it comes to data being outsourced to the cloud. Revocable Attribute Based Encryption (ABE) with data deduplication is the best way to avoid the privacy problems. In this paper, survey on secured health care data sharing on cloud using Revocable Attribute Based Encryption (ABE) schemes is studied that provides measures to meet any specific application requirements also for strong security to the system. In the results all different studies are evaluated and compared with each other to obtain a best out of it in terms security and performance.

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