Idealogical Clashes in Bharathi Mukherjee’s ‘WIFE’

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Dr. B Sreekanth Reddy


The life of an Indian Women surrounded in Diasporic atmosphere takes numerous twists and always things may not go as expected. The protagonist in Bharathi Mukherjee’s Wife undergoes psychological stress in foreign world, where she is not amidst of her blood relations nor friends from the same culture. Before going to U.S.A, she looks up at that country as a land of freedom - a place where women enjoy liberty and equality. Having being suppressed from her childhood in the name of tradition and culture in India, she tries to fulfill all her unfulfilled desires after getting married to an engineer who works in U.S.A.She has a dream of settling in the land of opportunity and her husband has similar aspirations to settle in U.S.A, but faces financial  crises in the insecure and temporary jobs. In her disillusionment she restrains herself to watching T.V and gets rid of pregnancy viewing it as an obstacle of her freedom. Ultimately with the psychological depression she views her husband as a person who has failed and  kills him.

The basic flaw in Dimple is that she  always expected freedom and happiness. She wanted to be loved by others but she does not love herself and the person who does not love oneself can never love anyone. Dimple lacks the self-efficiency and self actualization which comes from within oneself . The present paper focuses on her Illusion and Disillusion due to East – West Encounter.

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