The effect of the advanced organizations ’strategy on attentional control and learning some offensive skills installed with basketball for students

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Lect.Dr. Ahmed Khalid Awad


  The researcher used the experimental method with the two experimental and control groups with the two pre and post tests on his sample of 65 students from the second stage students in the University College of Knowledge, Department of Physical Education and Sports Sciences. Researcher measure attentional control on a sample The main experiment, in addition to conducting skill tests, after which the curriculum for the strategy of advanced organizations was applied, and then the researcher used appropriate statistical means to extract the results, and in the light of the results he reached a number of conclusions, which are that the attentional control helped the students in the smart diversity in thinking methods and solving the problems they face, the effect The units prepared by the researcher over the experimental group, as they outperformed the control group in developing the offensive skills combined with basketball because they were suitable for the sample and varied with its exercises, tools and methods used, and in light of the conclusions the researcher recommends the following: Examine the students and know the level of attention control they have at the beginning of each An educational season, the adoption of educational units prepared according to the strategy of advanced organizations in learning complex offensive skills with basketball, the need to pay attention to modern teaching strategies that carry with them methods based on behavioral and constructivist theories and meaningful learning that contribute to raising the level of students and developing the educational process.

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