Hydrogen’s Antiaging and Whitening Effects on Skin

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This study was conducted to confirm the suitability of hydrogen as a functional cosmetic ingredient by evaluating the anti-aging and whitening effect of hydrogen, known as an excellent antioxidant. Cosmetic hydrogen powder was prepared to investigate its inhibitory activity on elastase, collagenase, and tyrosinase, and a hydrogen pack was produced using the prepared cosmetic powder to conduct clinical trials. The results showed that hydrogen powder had excellent anti-aging activation and whitening effect. In clinical trials, skin elasticity was increased by 15%, skin sagging decreased by 4.53%, and skin tone improved by 4.86%, compared to the control group. These results suggest that hydrogen has excellent anti-aging and whitening effect. Therefore, it is highly likely that hydrogen can be used as a functional cosmetic ingredient for wrinkle improvement and skin whitening.

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