Analysis of the content of the science book fifth grade elementary according to the standards of the British Foundation (CFBT)

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Lamia Juma’a Abdel Mamouri, et. al.


the current research aims to analyze the content of the fifth grade science book by British Foundation standards (CFBT), the research sample consisted of the fifth grade science book, and to achieve the goal of the research, the two researchers adopted a list of British standards that follow the Foundation (CFBT), available on the Qatar Higher Education Council website, where the standards were translated, is a tool consisting of five main areas, branching out of which (13) a key criterion and (42) an indicator, having ascertained its sincerity and consistency, the two researchers began analyzing the content of the fifth grade science book according to these criteria using the descriptive analytical approach through the method of content analysis, and adopted the explicit idea of a registration unit and iterations as a census unit, the authenticity of the analysis was done by presenting a random sample of the content of the fifth grade science book (20%) to experts, thus calculating the persistence of the analysis using the Holste equation in agreement with the researcher and herself and external analysts.- The research findings of the researchers showed:1- The content of book (30) out of (42) achieved an indicator of (71%), which is lower than the ratio (85%) adopted by the researchers on the basis of the opinions of the arbitrators.2-The content of the fifth grade science book includes British standards (1084) repetition.3-The content has focused largely on the field of scientific research by (686) repetition.

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