Private Drinking Stations In Al-Dora And Ways To Unify Them In One Station To Prevent Pollution

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lecturer. Asma Hussein Alwan, et. al.


The Current Research Seeks To Identify The Possibility Of Unifying The Private Drinking Stations In The Session In A Single Station In Order To Prevent Pollution. In Order To Achieve The Goal Of The Current Research, The Researcher Followed The Descriptive Survey Approach. The Researcher Identified The Research Community As Working In Institutions Related To Drinking Water Filtering In The Governorate Of Baghdad, And In Order To Collect Data And Information Necessary To Answer The Study's Question (Is It Possible To Supply Private Drinking Stations With One Station?) Researcher Designed A Questionnaire Consisting Of (10) Paragraphs Measuring Aspects Of This Topic, And Applied It To A Sample Of Employees And Workers Amounted To (200) People, And After Analyzing The Results, The Researcher Came To The Impossibility Of Standardizing Private Drinking Stations , In Addition To The Possibility Of Developing These Stations And Rehabilitating Them Continuously To Meet The Needs Of People From Drinking Water

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