Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Content Marketing Strategies: Transforming Higher Education, Work and Life

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Dr. Silbert Jose S.V, et. al.


     The COVID-19 pandemic has constrained numerous associations to go through huge change, re evaluating key components of their business cycles and utilization of innovation to keep up activities while sticking to a changing scene of rules and new systems. This research offers an aggregate understanding to a considerable lot of the main points of contention and hidden intricacies influencing higher educational institutions and society from COVID-19, through a data frameworks and innovative viewpoint.

This investigation expects to give information and comprehension of what substance promoting means for client commitment from a purchaser's viewpoint in advanced education. This study is a subjective report utilizing a few organized meetings and perceptions to assemble information. A theoretical system from past research is utilized to examine the outcome, this structure is a multidimensional methodology of how clientele respond and see various kinds of online marketing in optimized exposure. The result of this study shows that customer commitment is a mental express that is difficult to go after any brand, to be really fruitful the customers measurements of intellectual, enthusiastic and activity reaction should all be influenced, which can be empowered through tenable, directed and separated substance of marketing.

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