A Study on Radar Target Detection using Space Time Adaptive Processing Algorithm and LCMV Algorithm

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Kwan-Hyeong Lee


In this paper, we study the directionof arrival estimation of the desired target in adaptive array MV algorithm to update the weight, and the optimized weight removes the interference signal. The target signal is estimated using the optimized weight vector and the high resolution the direction of arrival estimation MUSIC algorithm. We calculate the inverse of the correlation matrix using the QR method to reduce the processing power consumption of the optimized weight. The optimal weight vector is applied to the proposed algorithm to estimate the desired target direction from the output power spectrum. The performance of the proposed method is compared with the existing method by simulation. The experimental method estimates three targets from the antenna received signal. The existing method did not estimate the three desired targets at [-30o,-20, -10o]. The proposed method accurately estimates the desired three targets at [-30o,-20, -10o]. In the [-10o, 0, 10o] target estimation, the existing method reduces the estimated resolution of the target, but the proposed method accurately estimates the target. We proved that the proposed method in the simulation was superior to the existing method.

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