Analysis of Important Policy Issues Relating to Affirmative Action in Education: Application of Text Mining Method

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Ji-Hyun Jang


The aim of this study is to analyse the policy considerations that policymakers in the field of education need to take into account when addressing the increasingly deepening education gap. In particular, owing to the Covid-19 pandemic it is expected that the education gap between countries and between citizens within countries will increase. Against this background, this study attempted to identify the key policy issues relating to the education gap, by applying the text mining technique to the papers published in 145 social science journals managed by Springer, a world-class publisher. The rationale for this is that these policy issues are considered important by the education-policy authorities of all countries in terms of addressing the education gap in the future. As a result of the analysis, five major topics were derived. The policy considerations relating to the education gap can be summarized under five topics: active implementation of affirmative action measures for students; the will of political leaders such as the President to close the education gap; the development and implementation of sophisticated programmes for reducing the education gap; the correction of discrimination in employment opportunities; handling system issues such as justice and power effectively.

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