The relationship of scientific mindfulness among students of the fourth science with their achievement in physics

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Prof. Dr. Majida Ibrahim Ali Al-Bawi, et. al.


The current research aims to reveal the relationship between the mindfulness scientific of the fourth scientific students and their achievement of physics.  The descriptive research method was used, and the research sample consisted of (751) male and female students were selected by stratified random method from the fourth scientific grade students in government secondary schools in Baghdad governorate for the academic year 2020-2021. An eight-dimensional measure of mindfulness scientific was built, and each dimension included four items, for which answer alternatives were developed according to Likert scale, which are (it applies to me to a large degree, applies to me to a moderate degree, does not apply to me), and scores were given (0,1,2) respectively, thus, the degree of the scale ranges between (0-64) degrees, and with a theoretical average of (32) degrees. An achievement test of the physics material consisting of 30 objective and essay paragraphs was constructed. The psychometric properties of the two tools were verified. My research tools applied to the specified sample at the end of the first academic course of the 2020/2021 academic year. After analyzing the results, it became clear that there was a strong and positive relationship between mindfulness scientific and academic achievement in physics. In the light of the results of the research, a number of recommendations and suggestions were made.

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