The effectiveness design of instructional-learning according to the communication theory in the achievement of high school students for physics

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Prof Dr. Majida Ibraheem Ali, et. al.


The research aims to measure the effectiveness of an instructional-learning design according to the communicative theory in the achievement of high school students in the subject of physics?

To achieve the goal of the research, the following null hypothesis was formulated:

  There is no statistically significant difference at the level of significance (0.05) between the mean scores of the experimental group students who study according to the instructional-learning design and the control group students who study by the traditional method of achievement test.

The quasi-experimental design with two experimental and control groups was used, and the research community was defined by fourth-grade scientific students in secondary and high schools in the education of Baghdad Governorate / Rusafa 2nd - Department of Education of the Peripheries of East Baghdad, Ibn Khaldun high School for Boys was chosen intentionally to implement the research experiment in it, and randomly group (5) was chosen as the experimental group, and group (12) was chosen as the control group, with (20) students for each group.

The equivalence of the two groups was verified by chronological age in months, previous achievement scores for physics and previous information, intelligence test, and parental achievement.

     An instructional-learning design has been prepared according to the educational needs of the fourth scientific students, in light of the communicative theory, and the necessary supplies, including teaching plans, the establishment of the educational platform, and the provision of various learning resources.

The researcher constructed an achievement test consisting of (20) items of the multiple choice type and (6) items of the essay type and confirmed its psychometric properties.

The experiment was applied in the first semester of the academic year 2020-2021, and the researcher taught the two groups himself, and after completing the teaching of the entire educational content, the achievement test was applied to the two groups and the research experiment lasted (12) weeks.

The data were processed statistically using the SPSS Statistical Package for Social Sciences, and from the equation of (t-test) for two independent samples, it became clear that the students of the experimental group outperformed the students of the control group in the achievement test.

 In light of the research results, the researcher presented a number of proposals and recommendations.


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et. al., P. D. M. I. A. . (2021). The effectiveness design of instructional-learning according to the communication theory in the achievement of high school students for physics. Turkish Journal of Computer and Mathematics Education (TURCOMAT), 12(12), 2124–2138.