Analyzing Data Privacy In Cloud Computing Using Biometric Recognition System

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Vibhor Singh, et. al.


Privacy concerns are progressively significant  in the online world. It is generally acknowledged that  cloud computing can possibly be a target to privacy breach  or disabling.The safe handling of individual data in the  cloud addresses a tremendous challenge.Significant issue  while putting delicate data over the cloud is that it is open  to cloud suppliers all things considered. This raised  worries about data privacy. In the previous thirty years, the  universe of calculation has changed from centralized  (client-server) to disseminated frameworks and now we  are returning to virtual centralization (Cloud Computing).  Location of data and processes has the effect in the domain  of calculation. On one hand, an individual has full control  on data and processes in his/her PC. Then again, we have  the cloud computing wherein, the service and data support  is given by some service provider which leaves the  client/client unaware of where the processes are running  or where the data is put away. Along these lines, sensibly  talking, the client has no power over it. Cloud computing  utilizes the web as the correspondence media. At the point  when we take a gander at the security of data in the cloud  computing, the service provider needs to give some  affirmation in service level agreements (SLA) to persuade  the client on security and privacy issues . 

In the developing universe of data and web data privacy  has most extreme significance ,which on any level can't be  basically overlooked. A solitary organization may have  the individual data of millions of clients—data that it  needs to keep hidden so that clients' identity stays as  protected and hidden as could be expected, and the  organization's reputation remaining untarnished. New  strict measures in regards to data privacy is the need of  great importance .As while the frameworks are creating  data confidentiality is in question since individuals with  vindictive goal are finding better approaches to oversee  the data not intended to them .Data privacy requests  appropriate examination and consideration as Unethical  measures and works on in regards to data abuse are at top  these days ..


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et. al., V. S. . (2021). Analyzing Data Privacy In Cloud Computing Using Biometric Recognition System. Turkish Journal of Computer and Mathematics Education (TURCOMAT), 12(12), 1662–1664.
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