Physical Education And Game-Based Approach: An Attempt To Improve Basic Move Skills

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Vicki Ahmad Karisman, et. al.


This study aimed to identify the improvement of basic skills through game-based approach in physical education. The method employed in this study was experiment featuring pretest and posttest control group design. There were 245 participants in this study with the age average of female students was ± 9.1 years old and that of male students was ± 9.2 years old who came from four different areas namely Bandung City, Bandung Regency, West Bandung Regency, and Cimahi City, Indonesia. Each experiment lasted for 90 minutes and had been carried out for 16 sessions. This study administered Motor Gross Test Development 2nd edition consisted of locomotor and object skills. The results showed that the group given game-based approach (experimental group) outperformed one without the approach in terms of one without the approach (control group) in terms of basic move skill improvement. Furthermore, it was also shown that game-based approach significantly improved basic move skills.

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