Medical Image Segmentation Of Wbc Using Improved Dual Threshold Method

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Mrs.M. Anline Rejula, et. al.


segmentation of medical images is a critical method for the proper identification and diagnosis of diseases. Because of the distinction between them, the segmentation of the WBCs is an important issue.The automatic diagnosis of multiple white blood cell or leukocyte disorders plays a significant role. The suggested work is an Improved Dual-Threshold approach based on a variation of white blood cell (WBC) segmentation of different color spaces. The improved dual-threshold segmentation method consists of three stages: the pre-processing stage, the segmentation step of the threshold, and the post-procurement phase. For additional handling, two images are obtained: one is a contrast-stretched grey image and the other is an H part image from the altered colour space of YCbCr in the pre-processing step. The three main steps comprising the threshold segmentation are context separation, red blood cell extraction, and the finest threshold selection.The single-threshold method in RGB colour space is involved in the process of separation of Red Blood Cells (RBC), the H channel image is used in the step of background extraction. The Golden Section search method is used for the best threshold selection item. Finally, to eliminate the noise and the unfinished

WBCs, median filtering and arithmetical morphology are used in the post-processing stage. The image data collection for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ALL) is used to test and segment irregular cells from test data using an overall accuracy. Compared to the current segmentation outcome, the implemented segmentation approach shows better precision performance.


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et. al., M. A. R. . (2021). Medical Image Segmentation Of Wbc Using Improved Dual Threshold Method. Turkish Journal of Computer and Mathematics Education (TURCOMAT), 12(10), 6129–6143.