Effect of Hartmann number on Natural Convection of Pleural Effusion

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T.Padmavathi, et. al.


The most severe pandemic complications of COVID-19 are mainly caused by large droplet transmission. An initial sign of coronavirus disease is pleural effusion.Droplet transmission of the COVID-19 virus can occur by direct contact with inflamed human beings and indirect touch with surroundingsurfaces or with objects used by inflamed person. Present study describes the underlying physics of the pleural fluid deformation in the lung on free convection. Pleural effusion (excess fluid)happens whilst fluid strengthenthe area surrounded by the chest wall and lung, the tissue around the lung may become inflamed, this can manifest for plenty distinct speculate, such as pneumonia. The various velocity, temperature, concentration profiles are graphically obtained with increasing and decreasing non-dimensional parameter according to the nature of the pleural fluid.

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