A Statistical Analysis of Impact of Risk Factors Causing Lung Cancer among Non-Smokers

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Dr. S.Senthil, et. al.


Most survey reveals that 40% of cancer deaths are caused by Lung cancer. It is very unfortunate that even the drinking water contaminants may aggravate lung cancer when contaminated water is consumed regularly. Among various carcinogens polluting water arsenic is proved to more hazardous in triggering lung cancer by modifying DNA through genetic mutations. Measure of levels and percentages of carcinogens present in drinking water can direct the research to analyse how the domestic drinking water turns as a killer by causing life threatening problem of lung cancer. The research is carried out with patient data of non-smoking persons who aggravated lung cancer with prolonged usage of arsenic polluted water for drinking and few other factors like childhood pneumonia, genetical history, poor diet and carcinogens in working environment. Chi-square test is performed with non-smoking patient data record and results are evaluated with the discussion of preventive measures.

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