An Automatic Vehicle Routing and Tracking Technique Based on Video and Image Processing Techniques

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v. S. N. Kumar Devaraju, et. al.


In this research work an advanced route tracking application is designed based on video and image camera stabilization technique. The initial input video can convert the images and contain noise as well as extreme distortions. Therefore the following elements can affect the route tracking as well as mis-information gathering. In this paper a multi-media tool based mute tracking application is introduced to obtain mad condition as well as route features. The initial images are filtered by using adaptive median filter to minimize the noise. After filtration road condition can easily identified and separate the target and background, moreover the boundary conditions helpful for extracting the neighborhood target images. The following process is working based on angle, derivative-path and curvature calculations. After this primary process, preview image can be obtained on the screen, according to this the driving speed can be controlling to front wheel rotations. The random pursuit matching algorithm controls the later information and realization. The experimental outcomes show that proposed application has been helpful for driver less vehicle tracking easily. This investigation had been verified on various references speeds and managed with 0.04 meters.

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