Analyzing Toxicity in Online Gaming Communities

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Ayushi Ghosh


The video game culture resulting from the massive consumption of games has built various gaming communities online. The controversies in these groups, especially, the infamous Gamergate controversy indicates that sexist behaviour is prevalent in this circle. The social dynamics of these communities are closely examined in this research. In particular, posts from Twitter and Reddit are analysed to determine the racism, sexism, and political affiliation persisting in these groups. Twitter and Reddit posts related to 13 popular games which have been discussed below are analysed to find answers to the research question. NLP tools such as Bag of Words, Sentiment Analysis, and Word Embeddings are applied to analyse the posts. A formula is developed based on these tools to determine the extent of racism, sexism, and Trump-hate associated with each of the gaming communities. The results help in capturing and evaluating the emotional and linguistic properties of the conversational language that these communities engage in.


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