Compensating Educational Loss In Mathematical And Scientific Courses In Educational Institutions: A Forward-Looking Study On General Education In The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia

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Salman Sahud Alotaibi, et. al.


Compensating educational loss in mathematics, physics and chemistry among educational institutions for the bachelor’s degree course students in kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a very significant issue to keep with the current developments in such fields. The present study is exploring a forward-looking perspective on general education in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia on basis of the proposed view. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has attempted patently to improve valuable educational curriculum through introducing a practical syllabus course which reaches the high level and the international scientific standard. This proposition attempts to reveal the essential reasons of the weak particular education system in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and hence urging the official facets to create the most appropriate remedies to get rid of suck lack. So, this proposition is going to explore the contemporary tuitions and the essential needs of improvement as well as spots light on the influences of the feeble relations and the coordination among the distinctive planning establishments. Moreover, it unfolds the governmental procedures and delineations towards the current tutoring through investigating the five Development Plans, which explain the effects of independent preparing for economy and tutoring. The regular viewpoint on tutoring was found to be the most critical among the various reasons shut for the weakness of the tutoring and planning structure in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It held down the guidance structure in partition from social and financial new developments and denied its graduated class from effective interest in the progression pattern of the country. Thus, this proposition recommended a thorough and beneficial joining of the high level and ordinary models in the Kingdom. To achieve this careful and significant joining, a lot of colossal changes of mindsets and viewpoints are required from the methodology makers of the informative structure in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Furtherance to above, this research paper avers that the blended learning is integrated in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the education practice.

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