Predicting Preferred Learning Styles on Teaching Approaches Among Gen Z Visual Learner

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Mohd Noor Azman, Othman, et. al.


This study was carried out to confirm that Malaysian Gen Z visual learners preferred technological inclined teaching approach in their learning style. It involved respondents from a private university college in Malaysia which has 9 branches all over the country. A total of 500 questionnaires were distributed and 486 were analysed. The findings showed that 169 cases were identified as visual learners. These cases were then, used to test in confirming the prediction. Based on the analyses using Smart PLS, it was confirmed that Gen Z in Malaysia are visual learners who preferred active learning activities which are technological inclined. This confirmation was made based on the outcome of two predictive ability using the Stone-Geisser’s Q2 and PLS Predict Q2. Since the prediction accuracy of the proposal was established, therefore, it was concluded that Malaysian Gen Z Visual Learners prefer technological inclined approaches in their learning.

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