Determination of the Elastic Modulus of the Coating Using a Spherical Indenter

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B.A. Garibyan


In this work, we investigate the nanoindentation of the surface of powder paint and varnish coatings on an epoxy-polyester base, applied to steel substrates. The study of the influence of the test method on the identified mechanical properties has been carried out. A comparison is made of the measurement results obtained using a spherical indenter and a Berkovich indenter. Estimates of the reduced modulus of elasticity, Young's modulus and hardness of coatings are obtained. The obtained experimental data indicate a significant dependence of the determined mechanical properties of paint and varnish coatings depending on the type of indenter used. In the case of using the Berkovich indenter, the found Young's modulus of the coatings (0,6 GPa) turns out to be underestimated in relation to the properties of coatings known from macro experiments (3 GPa). When using a spherical indenter, Young's modulus turns out to be overestimated (6,3 GPa).

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