Predicting The Prices Of Bitcoin Using Data Analytics

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Dr. M. Sharmila Begum, et. al.


The foremost aim of our paper is to predict next-day and any particular month Bitcoin prices with respect to the company as early as possible. To obtain results at the earliest we made our implementation in Apache Spark, a big data tool. We have also utilised one of the widely used machine learning libraries namely pandas for dataset manipulation, and preferred Pyspark since it is the combination of Apache Spark and Python. For investor interaction with our system we have designed a Graphical User Interface (GUI) and named it as ‘PMIST’ with Tkinter which is a Python’s GUI. The result predicted will be seen in the form of line and bar graphs along with a message prompt where right date for doing investments are suggested. By analyzing those graphs, investors can be able to get idea about the future prices and they can take decision to either invest in future or change their investment time. Also a rewarding system is designed for the investors in which we will provide 50% offer in Swiggy when a quiz has been answered correctly. On the whole, this paper is meant for predicting next day and/or any particular month Bitcoin prices along with the rewarding system for the investors.



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