Modelling of Power Transformer for Differential Protection Using ATP-EMTP

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Dr D Prasad, et. al.


The calculation of electromagnetic transients of a three phase transformer model under differential protection scheme is presented in this paper. Due to certain disadvantages such as expensiveness and prolonged calculation with  time consuming it is difficult to  perform analysis of a power transformer  in real time. The simulation method of transformer modelling is more attractive and less expensive as different conditions can be simulated such as over excitation and internal / external fault conditions.  For modelling the transformer energization, faults and excitation conditions the software tool used in this paper is ATP-EMTP. Using the above model, any internal faults inside the transformer and disturbances which leads to mal-operation of the system can be simulated.  The model is obtained utilizing the existing elements in ATP-EMTP. This facilitates easy inclusion of the model in more complex power system studies, and allowing the investigation of transformer relations with elements from neighboring systems.

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