Probabilistic Model for Resource Demand Prediction in Cloud

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Niraja Jain, et. al.


Dynamic cloud infrastructure provisioning is possible with the virtualization technology. Cost, agility and time to market are the key elements of the cloud services. Virtualization is the software layer responsible for interaction with multiple servers, bringing entire IT resources together and provide standardized Virtual compute centers that drives the entire infrastructure. The increased pooling of shared resources helps in improving self-provisioning and automation of service delivery. Probabilistic model proposed in this article is based on the hypothesis that the accurate resource demand predictions can benefit in improving the virtualization layer efficiency. The probabilistic method, uses the laws of combinatorics. The probability space gives an idea about both the partial certainty and randomness of the variable. The method is popular in theoretical computer science. The probabilistic models provide the predictions considering the randomness of the variables. In the cloud environment there are multiple factors dynamically affecting the resource demand needs. The resource demand has a certain degree of certainty but the randomness of requirements. This further leads to decrease in risk related to leveraging cloud services. It accelerates development and implementation of cloud services that overall improves the services pertaining to SLA.


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