Solid Concrete block Arch behaviour in Substructures

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Ganesha Mogaveera, et. al.


Now a days the cost of construction is increasing due to increase in cost of materials. It is required to reduce by implementing the arch foundations using solid concrete blocks. The bending moment and shear acting over the cross-sectional area are significantly smaller contrasted with that of beams of same span and carrying the similar load. Using different materials arches can be constructed. This type of construction will save the materials cost and also improve the structural behavior of solid concrete block arches. Uniformly distributed load has been tried using loading frame. An impact of rise of arch on load carrying capacity has been studied. A cement mortar 1:6 proportions is used in the joints. First crack has been observed at the load of 17.658kN/m which is around 80% of ultimate load. Hence this type of foundations can be recommended upto two storied buildings


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