A Feasible and Efficient Method for Biometric Authentication Using Anomaly Detection Together with Cloud Computing

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Dr. M. Mohana, et. al.


Biometric identification is turned out to be progressively famous in ongoing years with the improvement of distributed computing, proprietors of database are persuaded to redistribute the broad volume of biometric information and detection undertakings to the cloud to dispose of the costly capacity and calculation charges, which, in any case, conveys potential dangers to clients' security. In this paper, we proposed a productive and security shielding bio-metric ID re-appropriating plan. In particular, the biometric to execute a biometric distinguishing proof, the server encodes the request and sends the data to the cloud. The cloud performs distinguishing proof assignments over the varied database and returns the resultant data to the owner of the database. A careful investigation shows that the proposed plan is secure regardless of whether assailants can manufacture identification demands and connive with the cloud. Contrasted and past conventions, trial results demonstrate that the proposed plot accomplishes a superior execution in both readiness and identification methodology.

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