Quantum Key Distribution Algorithm for Network Security

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Domi Caroline S, et. al.


Quantum computing computes using superposition principles and entanglement principles that are the part of quantum. Quantum computers are used to solve certain problems that cannot be solved using classical computers. The most widely using quantum models are quantum circuit uses qubits or quantum bits.In cryptography, Quantum cryptography provides more security than classical methods. Shor’s algorithm and Grover’s algorithm are mainly used methods for quantum cryptography. The encryption and decryption is done using Rectilinear bases or Diagonal bases in random manner.The Quantum key distribution QKD is a symmetric encryption key distribution method. The important feature of QKD is authentication and confidentiality. Public key protocol and a symmetric secret key is used to provide quantum safe key exchange and guarantee for long term communication in the network. In the proposed system, the Morse code is used for encryption and decryption. The Morse code used to encrypt bits as light photons that are required for quantum key distribution.

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