Startups, Barriers and its Opportunities in India

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Mohan Kumar


UttamKhetiMadhyam Baan, NikhadChakriBheekhSaman That is, best farming (agriculture work) was the best work in our society, Madhyam Baan (trade) - Business had been called medium level work. Chakri means job had been said to be a bad job, our elders had considered it like a dog’s tail. But today all this has changed and has become a completely reverse definition. Today we give priority to all jobs; the job is purchasing our skills and providing food for us two times in a day. Today our mindset has changed so much that we are afraid of taking any risk in life and this fear keeps us from working new Innovations/Startups. We need startups to improve the country's economic system; we can improve the economic economy of the country only through startups. The jobber can only improve himself and his family's living standard, but a businessman can improve the family economy as well as the country economy also. 35 years ago, China gave priority to startups and today Chinese products available over the world which strengthens China's economy. In today's conditions, India will have to do less import and in India it will have to prepare raw materials and finished goods itself. For this it is necessary to create new startups in India and the government should help grow the startups.

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