Numerical Solution of Singularly Perturbed Two- Point Boundary Value Problem using Transformation technique using Quadrature method

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Dr. Richa Gupta, et. al.


We are Fascinated to recount a  Green shift in this research paper to resolve a specifically motivated two point limit confidence problem with  end limit layer in the stretch [0,1]. Here, we've applied the well-known Greens adjustment to a specific problem and investigated the appropriateness of the mathematical arrangement. Quadrature technique was used during the procedure. Then we used this technique on two straight models with a right end limit layer that were incredibly rough to the particular arrangement. The numerically computed results were compared with the analytical solutions for exactness and to evaluate the error bound.  For the assembly of the plan, computationally obtained Findings were discussed, which are in appropriate agreement with the particular arrangement that is available in the literature. Computational results are closely associated with the analytical solutions available in the literature.  

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