A Review Study on Security Issues, Benefits, Risks and Various Challenges in Cloud Computing Platform and Proposed Model for Enhancing Security for Sensitive Data

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N.Krishnamoorthy, et. al.


In this recent and technological epoch, Cloud Computing(CC) is the generally promising and upcoming trend in the Universe which aims at the high  performance supercomputing.  It  is the on-request openness of computer system assets, in particular storage space and computing supremacy, with no forthright dynamic supervision by the user. The expression is by and large used to illustrate Data Centers (DC) available to many users over the Internet.  Nowadays, most of the organizations move into cloud because it helps the end users to store their personal data into the cloud which can be accessed by the user at anytime and anywhere across the globe. The users data is stored and maintained in DC of the cloud providers viz.. Google, Amazon, Microsoft etc. Despite several advantages of using the cloud computing technology, the end users hesitate to utilize the various cloud services and business organizations are unwilling to deploy/set up  their

businesses in the cloud because of several security threats and issues involved in cloud computing. The main emphasis of our study  shall discuss the cloud computing technology , its characteristics, deployment models, service models and the various security issues, challenges related to cloud computing. We shall also present a schematic idea/algorithm which could be used to ensure the security of sensitive data in cloud storage.

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