Novel Design of AC Motor Powered Smart Wheel Chair

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Magesh.C.G, et. al.


Ubiquitous usage of wheel chair made the primal source for the immobile persons to have locomotion. Recent advancements on wheel chair engineered on ease living and monitoring of crippled persons both in their locomotion and their bio-metric systems. These parameters can be monitored continuously using various digital electronic sensors and actuators to monitor their mobility. Advancement in this project primarily deals with the efficiency improvement towards usage of AC motor rather than DC motor and usage of capacitor start-capacitor run motor so as to obtain high amount of torque so as to enable mobility at all levels of elevation. Usage of 24V14Ah backup source enables 4-6 hours of mobility and up to 30 hrs of continuous monitor of patient and enablement of IC circuits. Usage of EEPROM to ensure the patient’s parameters are recorded precisely.ESP-8266 ensures the data transmitted wirelessly are encrypted and secured through 2 level authentications. Usage of WIFI over other GSM modules addresses the administrator to stay at an audible distance from the patient.

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