Security Mechanisms in Human Centered Smart Systems-Overview

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S. Domi Evangeline, et. al.


Mobile crowd sensing is the process of sensing, carried out on behalf of the task provider by the user capable of completing the task. The user with their smart gadgets involves in the sensing process. This sensing process includes various applications geo-publicly supporting, monitoring, smart systems, etc. Since large number of users involved in crowd sensing process there is a threat for security both for the users and the data. In concern with the users both the task provider and the participant, issue a task or carry out the task issued based on the trust between each other. To pick up the task and carry out the task the participant must share their private details which may cause privacy issue to the participant. Whereas with the data the participants report at the completion of the task may be a false data or incomplete data. This cause a situation where the truthiness of the data is affected. This makes the complete process useless. These security issues like privacy, truth and trust must be addressed. In order to provide a clear idea of Crowd sensing network a taxonomical approach is followed to classify the network based on the data involved and various participants. Based on the various participants, the malicious users in the crowd sensing network is classified and the security issues caused by them are addressed.

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