Chatbot Application for Tourism using Natural Language Tool Kit

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R.Srinivasan, et. al.


Chatbot is widely popular now-a-days which is designed to increase the interaction and conversation with human users, mainly over the internet and it is catching speed as an application of computer program. Traditionally, it works as getting a question by the user and answered by a software program. The user can enter the query via text. If the user enters the query which is not presented in the data base, the chat bot uses the google search and gives the relevant answers to the user. When the user enters the query, the bot uses the pattern matching compares and relates the words in the question with the words in the data base. From the user input, the words in the sentence will be scored to get the similarity. The highest score obtained will be printed as output. NLP (Natural Language Processing) method is used in order to understand the human language by the computer.


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