Effect of Ambient Illumination, Screen Resolution and Zoom Level on Performance of Typing on Computers

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Khamaj A., Ameer A. K., Samy A. M.


Objective: This work aims to investigate effect of the ambient illumination, screen resolution and Zoom levels on visual-related task performance. The job used in this research is typing on computers. Speed of typing paragraph and typing quality were defined as the task performance.

Background: In recent years, computers play a remarkable role in nearly everyone’s daily life. We use computers for various purposes and under a wide range of ambient illumination. High illumination level usually results in some problems. Adjusting screen resolution and zoom level are common solutions contra problems for visibility due to unsuitable illuminations.

Method: Ambient illuminations were examined 114, 230, 340, 420 and 520 lx. Screen resolution scales were diverse to cover all range of regulate ability pliable by characteristics of the offering used; 768*1024, 720*1280 and 768*1366. Zoom levels was tested 50, 100, 150 and 200%.

Results: Based on this study, can be found that, the more effective illumination level on average typing time was 340 followed by 420 lx. Average typing time decrease with increasing screen resolution, the minimum average typing time observed at 720*1280 and 168*1366 screen resolution. Change the zoom level of text show significant effect on typing time, which the average typing time decreases with increasing zoom level. The minimum typing time observed at 100 and 150% zoom level. Experimental results for all S/N ratio, mean, and standard deviation (real) response values show that, illumination level, screen resolution and zoom scale are the significant parameters among all controllable factors that influence the avearge typing time. Based on S/N Ratio the optimum parameters was 114 lx illumination level and 768*1024 screen Resolution and 50% zoom level. Based on standard deviation the optimum parameters was 114 lx illumination level and 768*1366 screen Resolution and 150% zoom level. Based on the means the optimum parameters was is 230lx illumination level and 768*1366 screen Resolution and 100% zoom level.

Conclusion: The provision of suitable illumination, screen resolution and zoom levels that feedback to enhancing the performance of typing performance on computers.

Application: This study can inform in-computer typing offices and policy makers concerned with human factors and work-study.

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