Zakat Empowerment Strategy to Improve the Empowerment of the Poor Community

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Maimun Sholeh


Poverty is a very complex social and economic phenomenon that exists in various societies, both Muslim and non-Muslim. This research is an explanatory study conducted using the SEM (Structural Equation Model) approach. The sample members are determined by non-probability sampling method, especially by purposive sampling. Data were collected by cross section and analyzed quantitatively. The research objective is to analyze the determinants of mustahiq empowerment in the empowerment of the poor in the Yogyakarta area of Indonesia. The results of the study found that empowerment was largely determined by the condition of the basic physical capital, basic human capital and social basic capital of the mustahiq. It was also found that the condition of the basic capital of the mustahiq recipient of empowerment was quite low

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