Improving Quality of Vocational Education through Teaching Factory's Life Base Learning

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Yoto. Edi Sutadji


Education is very important in improving the quality of human resources (HR). Good quality human resources are expected to fill jobs in accordance with their expertise and can further advance the country. In the world of education to realize this one of them is by the existence of vocational education. Preparation of skilled personnel with the approach of life base learning (LBL) through Teaching Factory (TeFa) is very much needed for vocational education. Therefore, in every vocational institution, they should have LBL-TeFa preparation, implementation, and evaluation in accordance with education directorate standards. So as to improve the quality of vocational education. This paper discusses improving the quality of vocational education through LBL-TeFa. The aim is to explain the LBL-TeFa model starting from preparation, implementation, and evaluation. Through this model SMKs can use it to improve the quality of vocational education.

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