Electronic Procurement and its Implementation in Indian Industries

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Rajkumar Sharma, et. al.


Electronic procurement, or electronic procurement, is also described as the procurement through. E-procurement is usually defined over the Internet as the purchasing of electronic goods and services over the Internet (internet, website, e-mail). It includes e-ordering, tendering and rendering via websites, extranets, private networks, and market places and/or EDI. It may also be used for purchasing cards, reverse auctions, and/or integrating electronic procurement processes to facilitate the business procurement process. The global supply chain comprises indent surveillance, electronic appointments, internet bidding, customer relations, demand forecasting and scheduling. Management of contracts. The method of planning is contract administration. This paper presents an analysis of e-commerce issues and the current status of various agencies and organizations. The paper concluded with a description of the main questions that are needed immediately to make e-acquisition more appropriate in the field of science.


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