Rfid-Reshapes the World of Supply Chain Management

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Rajkumar Sharma , et. al.


The significance of RFID for problem solving of the supply chain is underlined. RFID is an excellent element for all industries to work smoothly. The overwhelming utility of RFID technology is widely used. There is hardly a sector where we do not use RFID, whether it is manufacturing, retail, marketing and sales, shipping, etc. Each pallet, container and commodity to be manufactured, supplied and sold is defined from RFID. It ensures quite simple and error-free business operations. It allows the industry to achieve the right quality, the right price and the right time for end users. In terms of sales and customer satisfaction it gives full benefit. The paper proposes an efficient conceptual model RFID in procurement process. Furthermore, they define attributes which facilitate the choice of RFID. Finally, the section presents the problems and advantages businesses will achieve from using this application. The supply chain mechanism is carried out through various phases called supply chain stages.

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