Network Intrusion Detection and Deduce System

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Seethal Sasikumar, et. al.


Network Intrusion Detection and Deduce Systems keep a track of network traffic for anomalies based on signatures and heuristics that differ from dealer to dealer and from implementation to implementation. Host Intrusion Detection System and Host Intrusion Prevention System applicable at endpoints where NIDDS applies to network boundaries and segmentation points such as the gateways to the internet or other untrusted networks. By assessing the traffic for certain anomalies, a NIDDS can ascertain malicious or other undesired or unforeseen data. When a match is found based on patterns, signatures, or other heuristics, the system can log it, send an alert to the monitoring system or to the server, or even take action such as blocking, redirecting, or resetting the connection depending on the organisation. NIDDS is a malicious intrusion prevention system that uses publicly released signatures containing malicious or other dubious trails, as well as generic trails gathered from different anti-virus records and directories with unique user identifiers, in which the route can be anything from a search engine. The proposed system, detects the attack using a Raspberry Pi, a low-powered computer.

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