An Effective Model of Terminating Phishing Websites and Detection Based On Logistic Regression

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K. R. Jansi, et. al.


These days phishing is one of the greatest and the quickest developing risk in light of the fact that phishing assailants will get data which was entered by the client and phishing aggressors will utilize that data without the client information.At present personal information is the most important thing compared to money, So phishing website attackers are focusing on the personal information of the user and they taking advantage when the user enters there personal information in the phishing websites. So the main theme of these projects is to avoid misuse of personal information by phishing attackers. To overcome this problem machine learning algorithm such as Logistic regression is used and provided with the massive dataset. From that dataset, it trains the algorithm and helps in detecting the new web links which are fraudulent links. Attackers disguise their website as legitimate and try to get data from the user for which they make users visit a website and get the personal information that is needed. Before trying to enter into those websites it is important to check whether the given link is good or a phishing link. By checking the link we can save ourselves from the attackers and can keep our data safe.

Keywords: Phishing, machine learning, Logistic regression, and website links.

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