Cloud Based Property Management System in Integration with IoT

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H. M. Moyeenudin , et. al.


Cloud based Property Management System (CPMS) is one of the best data management software that assist in managing the hospitality sector by undertaking reservations, providing discount allocation and handling capacity management for generating revenue, it also assist in gaining the loyalty of guest by communicating with sensors for guest security and comfort using Internet of Things (IoT). Nevertheless the knowledge of employees by being as source of information in hotel Industry, CPMS stores the data in a cloud server in order to keep this data safe. The main objective of this study is to find the association between CPMS with IoT for business and trust perspective.  Secondly it focuses on the deployment of sensors and actuators in the infrastructure facilities that are integrated with Property management System (PMS) in luxury hotels, which simultaneously increases the hotel room revenue with consequent future concerns. Thus this investigation provides an effective operational decisions has to be taken by authorities on installation of cloud based PMS that can coordinate with OTA using Application Programming Interface (API) to increase the business with safety and security.

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