Iot Network Identity Management Using Smart Contract and Blockchain Technology

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Deepika Chauhan , et. al.


The proliferation of Internet of Things (IoT) devices is on the rise, with the number of connected devices exceeding seven billion devices by 2017, and forecasting connects 20-50 billion connections by 2020. Many of those devices have been used in an unusual way and complex networks pose many challenges to the functionality of device management. Among those challenges is patent management related to how devices are verified and authenticated in addition to how devices create mechanisms to authorize and control access to data and services. Blockchain as a computer-distributed computer technology sets itself up as the right person to tackle this challenge. That is mainly due to the use of Blockchain cryptographic indicators, static recording, and background. These features, in combination, provide a platform to use IoT device ID management functions that can ensure global and unique device ownership, and provide a way to maintain it throughout the life cycle of the device. This paper introduces a low-level blockchain-based proprietary management framework that provides features for patenting and transfer of ownership, as well as the ability to manage patents between machine-visited networks. To confirm, we define a set of smart contracts that provide registrar functions and administrative contracts.


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