Design and Implementation of Distributed Web Crawler for Drug Website Search using Hefty based Enhanced Bandwidth Algorithms

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Saran Raj Sa, et. al.


The development of an expert system based search tool needs a superficial structure to satisfy the requirements of current web scale. Search engines and the internet crawler are used to mine the required information from the web and surf the internet in an efficient fashion. Distributed crawler is one of the types of a web crawler, which is a dispersed computation method. In this paper, we design and implement the concept of Efficient Distributed Web Crawler using enhanced bandwidth and hefty algorithms. Mostly Web Crawler doesn’t have any distributed cluster performance system and any implemented algorithm. In this paper, a novel Hefty Algorithm and enhanced bandwidth algorithm are combined for a better-distributed crawling system. The hefty algorithm is implemented to provide strong and efficient surfing results while applying on the drug web search. We also concentrate on the efficiency of the proposed distributed web crawler by implementing Enhanced Bandwidth algorithm.

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