Pre-service Mathematics Teacher's Mathematical Connections in the Context of Problem-Solving About the Derivative

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Camilo Andrés Rodríguez-Nieto, Flor Monserrat Rodríguez-Vásquez, Javier García-García


The mathematical connections made by five Pre-Service Mathematics Teachers (PSMTs) when solving problems on the derivative were analyzed. The conceptual framework used was the typology of intra-mathematical connections. For data collection, semi-structured interviews were conducted, and a questionnaire was designed, which included three tasks about of the derivative, which were analyzed through the thematic analysis method. The results showed that PSMTs made mathematical connections: meaning, different representations, procedural, part-whole, implication and feature. We identified that the PSMT's difficulties in establishing connections are caused by the meaning they have on the derivative concept, acquired in their received teaching and, if they are not attended, they can be reproduced in their future practice as in-service teachers.

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