The Effects of Educational Robotics Applications on Linear Equations about Algebraic Reasoning

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Behiye Dinçer, Berna Cantürk-Günhan


The research aims to investigate the effectiveness of the use of educational robotics applications used in linear equations unit on seventh grade students‟ algebraic reasoning. Teaching experiment research design was adopted for the research. In the study, usage of idea o-bot robotics software was taught to six 7th grade students. During the research process, three teaching experiment sessions applied after pretesting. Experiment sessions involved activities such as code writing in the face of problem situations, creating algorithms from the written code, monitoring algorithms in the simulation, and improving the algorithms when the desired result is not achieved. Lastly posttesting was performed. Comparing the pretest and posttest results, the data analyses showed that an observable development has been recorded in the algebraic reasoning skills of students‟ due to the fact that there are certain patterns and generalization processes in the developed algorithms. In addition, there has been an improvement in the participants' ability to use, understand and transform multiple representations in scientific process skills and problem solving skills.

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