Analyzing the Relationship between Student’s Assignment Submission Behaviors and Course Achievement through Process Mining Analysis

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Gökhan Akçapınar, Mehmet Kokoç


In this study, it is aimed to analyze the relationship between student’s assignment submission behaviors and course achievement. For this purpose, the behaviors of 75 students’ who enrolled in the Operating Systems and Applications course at a public university, submission an assignment through the Moodle learning management system given in the fourth week of the course is analyzed. Students who exhibit different assignment submission behaviors are also analyzed in terms of end-of-term grades. During analyzing, the steps followed by the students while submitting their assignments are determined respectively, and students who display a similar pattern are divided into groups by means of cluster analysis. Moreover, using process mining analysis assignment submission processes of students in different groups are analyzed in detail. The analysis shows that students can be divided into three different groups based on their assignment submission behaviors. In terms of course achievement, it is observed that a significant portion of the students who submitted the assignments are successful in the course, while a significant portion of the students who did not submit the assignment failed. The findings will be guideway in determining the students who are likely to fail the course in the early weeks and in designing possible interferences for these students.

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