The Use Of User Experience (UX) And Multimedia Project Management (MPM) To Produce Learning-Module Videos For Autism Children: A Post-Study Focus Group Session With Autism Caretakers

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Zaidatol Haslinda Abdullah Sani, et. al.


Autism is a condition where one has challenges in controlling their social skills and behaviours. Autism affects their communications with people surrounding them. WHO reports one in every 160 children has autism. Interventions are needed by the autism community to assists them in teaching the autism students and managing the autism centers. User Experience (UX) and Multimedia Project Management (MPM) are used to produce learning-module videos for autism children. An 8-week field study of a summative evaluation on the use of the video was conducted. A post-study focus group discussion was then discussed with three caretakers regarding the use of the video for 1) the students learning skills and for 2) the caretakers to teach the students. The findings show using MPM and UX for developing videos for autism children is positive for both questions. However, further investigation on the learning capability of the autism students can be explored.

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