Internet Addiction As Correlates To Depression and Life Satisfaction

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Christ Michael C. Entienza


Common behavioral problem described as an impulse control disorder which doesn’t include the use of an intoxicating drug very similar to pathological, is known as Internet Addiction, a rampant disorder during the digital age. This study looked into the relationship of internet addiction towards depression and life satisfaction. Two hundred respondents from various courses of a State University were chosen using fishbowl sampling. The Philippine Student Health Questionnaire was administered and 100% test results were retrieved. Results showed that most of the respondents are average users. There are also significant numbers who are problematic and the least were excessive users. Most respondents were suffering from mild depression and worryingly there were respondents having moderately severe and severe depression. For life satisfaction, results shows that most respondents are satisfied while some reported that they are slightly satisfied and least reported are dissatisfied. Statistics showed that there is no significant correlation between internet addiction and life satisfaction; however, there is a positive correlation between internet addiction and depression. Results highly suggests exerting efforts for awareness in regulating proper usage of internet such as time management. For Life Satisfaction, it is suggested to continue and share lifestyle practices which contribute to satisfaction and work on areas that need improvement promoting better life satisfaction.

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