Requirement Analysis For Business Process Re-Engineering With Computational Intelligence

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Pooja Sharma, et. al.


There are enormous software applications which are developed for the usage of the software users. The software user may be categorized as public users who use online services through internet, and the private users who use the specific software inside a specific organization only. The private users can be the business organizations, Educational institutions, Health care centers and other government organizations. Each organization has a specific requirement on the base of which the software and the customer relationship management frame work has to be designed. Organization specific software are developed, tested and delivered to the service users by the software development companies and where under maintenance by the development team in the timely manner. At times, when these registered users are in need of alterations and modifications in the software which are used, then the business process reengineering is required to be done. Thus business process reengineering plays a vital role in the maintainability and the sustainability of the software product based on the user requirement. To create an effective Business process Re-engineering Framework, the user (or) the stakeholder requirements are considered as the prerequisite. Based on the requirement the software product would be re-engineering,  the stakeholders requirements has to be initially preprocessed and the stake holders has to be grouped and prioritized with the ranking of the requirement modules that has to be implemented. Finally the risk assessment has to be done to estimate the critical conditions or the changes that would be faced while re- engineering and the requirements will be clustered for effective execution.

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