A Study On Online Language Learning Environment For College Students In Tamil Nadu

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J. Jeyarani, et. al.


Online learning environment and strategies provide ample and valid opportunities to explore, discover and perform with the wonders of technology. This paper surveys and analyses the online language learning environment of college students in Tamil Nadu. The study examines the specific advantages of the learning environment and the instructional methods employed in the virtual learning environment. The study is undertaken with college students from different districts of Tamil Nadu who underwent a pre-assessment and a post assessment before and after they participated in the structured online English language classes constituting the research. The study puts forward the use of technology, different modern teaching theories and practises, a deviation from normal teaching, innovative online teaching methods of English language skills, a difference of learning scenario, all intended to benefit students with different language levels and comprehensive capacities, and most significantly to balance and tone down lapses, if any, in online learning environment. The pre and post assessments of the participant students are statistically presented herewith which depicts the benefits as well as barriers of online language learning environment of college students in Tamil Nadu.

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